Hundreds of women and young girls took part in their own sports festival as part of a mission campaign to get more involvement in sport.

It was staged at the Roundwood Centre in Harlesden by the Sport at the Heart charity to inspire more female participation with events like netball, football, athletics, street dance and tennis.  

“Sport can transform lives and communities,” festival coordinator Sacha Lumley said.

“But girls just don’t take part at the same rates that boys do — they drop out altogether. Everyone should have the chance to benefit from sport and physical activity.”

Organisers say they are determined to break down barriers and make sure sports facilities are available to everyone, especially those who have been least likely to take part.

The festival was staged in the wake of high-profile sport such as the FIFA Women's World Cup, Netball World Cup and World Athletics. It was sponsored by organisations like Wembley Stadium Trust and others, as a gateway into local clubs including DFY Football Academy, Queen’s Netball, London Netball Academy, Hillside Performing Arts, QPR Community Trust and Track Academy.