A member of Wembley Park’s cleaning team has gone viral, after a TikTok showed him cleaning up in the aftermath of a Harry Styles concert.

The video featuring Abdulaziz Sufyan’s efforts retrieving everything from glittery designer shoes to hotdog costumes, has been viewed more than 14 million times.

Wembley Park’s cleaning team were kept busy last week following the star’s concerts at Wembley Stadium the previous weekend.

In the TikTok video, titled ‘Things you forgot to take home with you after the Harry Styles concert’, Abdulaziz can be seen posing with a variety of forgotten items.

These include feather boas, designer shoes, a pink cowboy hat, sunglasses, a phone and a hotdog costume.

The video ends with a voiceover exclaiming – “Please God why?”

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Many TikTok users reacted with amusement to the video, with one saying: “I love this”.

Others were sympathetic to the owners of the lost items, with one commenting: “I’d have been gutted if I were the owner of the first pair of shoes, they’re really cool”.

Others raised concerns about the environmental impact of the concert, with one user expressing disappointment with the situation.

They said: "I was angry because of the feathers… yes, it looks good, but so much mess comes from it, it stays everywhere on the streets, trains."

Wembley Park said that its team of 15 cleaners expands to 23 on event days, with some workers starting as early as 5.30am to keep the area around the stadium clean.

Following the video’s success on social media, Abdulaziz said: “Once collected, waste is then sent to a waste recovery facility to be sorted and recyclable materials recovered.

“Last year, clearing boa feathers took us three months, with findings on rooftops, among vegetation and in public water features.

“Despite the challenges, we always do it with a smile, especially when we encounter unique and quirky objects like the ones captured in the TikTok."

Wembley Stadium is set to host other international stars in the coming 12 months, with The Weeknd and Taylor Swift both due to perform at the venue.

Harry Styles has now completed the UK leg of his tour, and will perform on two dates in Dusseldorf, Germany in the coming days.