A retired doctor has said that “he dreads the postman coming now” after he was issued five fines for driving through traffic restrictions on his way to church.

Dr Raj George, who lives in North Wembley, has driven the same route to attend morning mass at St George’s Catholic Church for the last five years.

But suddenly, on May 13, he received his first PCN for driving down Perrin Road.

The street is subject to timed restrictions around Sudbury Primary School from 8am to 9am and 1.30pm to 3.30pm on weekdays.

But Dr George claims that the restrictions are poorly marked, and that the signpost informing drivers is hard to read.

He added that he might have expected the fine if he had moved to a new town and did not know the roads well, but not on streets he regularly uses.

He also said that Brent Council should have done more to inform residents about the restrictions before they were implemented.

Dr George said: “You’re not expecting it – I have been going on the same road almost every day and I have not had any PCNs at all [before last month].

“This notice is not visible at all. There is a small red sign which is not visible unless you stop the car and have a look.

“I just want to make it an issue that when you don’t put up [enough] signs, nobody can see and then you get charged for it, that’s what my anger is.”

After receiving five fines over a period of three weeks, paying £325 to Brent Council, Dr George said “he dreads the postman coming now”.

He added that he was worried “many people” would have been caught out by the restrictions, and wanted to warn others who may not be aware.

Brent Council said that the school street was originally implemented through barriers and cones in 2020, before being enforced by cameras in 2022.

A Brent Council spokesperson said: “This school street was originally installed in 2020 and managed by school staff using barriers and cones.

“Due to its popularity with local parents, teachers and pupils, in 2022 we started enforcement by installing CCTV at each of our 30 sites.

“We gave a two week grace period where drivers would be notified but not fined, these PCNs were issued after the notice period.

 “We have done a lot of work letting local residents know about the changes, through letter drops and engagement.

“We encourage all residents to be mindful of all signage on the road which displays whether or not the road has restrictions.”