Love on Tour: When Wembley was 'Harry's House'

Harry Styles at the O2 Arena in 2019

Harry Styles at the O2 Arena in 2019 - Credit: Isabel Infantes/PA

Harry Styles at Wembley Stadium was a dream come true.

Less than 24 hours before showtime, Ticketmaster would advertise on Instagram for last-minute ticket sales to Harry’s stadium tour, Love on Tour.

And £73 later I was decked out in my best outfit, a hot pink suit-dress with green butterfly earrings, making my way to Wembley. 

When my ticket made a satisfying chime of assent at the check-in kiosk, I knew that the ticket had practically paid for itself.

Whether it was the vertigo from being up so high or mere anticipation, I was lighter than air as I ascended to the nosebleed seats at the very top of Wembley.

After frequenting a Harry Styles-themed smoothie shop last summer in a fit of post-adolescent frivolity, I thought that my Styles-related experiences were at an end but thankfully I was wrong. 

I spent an unsightly amount of time and money securing Styles merchandise before support act Mitski took the stage and thoroughly wowed the crowd with a dramatic performance of her well-loved indie hits.

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When Mitski ended her set, I added a new artist to my queue and drew a sharp breath upon realizing that Hampstead's Harry was just a few moments from taking the stage himself.

"Giddy" could hardly describe the sensation of seeing the frontman of my favourite childhood band One Direction, and I relished every second of being in that sweaty, raucous crowd. The feeling carried from that evening well into the next morning when I was rendered voiceless from screaming song lyrics.

With the help of a trio of jumbo screens and a glittery rhinestone top, Harry was visible to all who clamoured to their feet upon the opening notes of Music for a Sushi Restaurant.

The show was visually breathtaking, even heartwarming at times, such as the moment when Harry helped an audience member come out. This added a flair of Pride Month joy to the day, and encouraged all to go forth and "Treat People with Kindness" as Harry suggests on his second album.

Harry Styles, if you are reading this, that was most certainly a job well done.

Harry Styles hosts Love on Tour at Wembley Stadium

Harry Styles hosts Love on Tour at Wembley Stadium - Credit: Melissa Fishman