Michelin-starred Atul Kochlar to open Indian in Wembley Park

Atul Kochlar is opening his latest Indian street food restaurant, Masalchi, in Wembley Park.

Atul Kochlar is opening his latest Indian street food restaurant, Masalchi, in Wembley Park. - Credit: Jodi Hinds Photography

The 'master of spices' Atul Kochlar is opening his latest Indian street food restaurant in Wembley Park.

The twice Michelin-starred chef is due to open Masalchi in Wembley Park Boulevard on October 25.

With its exotic abundance of Indian spices, Masalchi will open seven days a week with a Pan-Indian menu of dishes based on street food that Atul Kochhar discovered at provincial markets during his back-street travels in India with family, friends and peers.

With capacity for 120 guests, Masalchi’s cuisine is hearty yet simple, offering colourful and flavoursome dishes including a selection of fragrant curries, juicy grills, satisfying half-plates and creamy Handi, Masala and Kalia dishes.

Menu highlights include grills such as Lahori Chaapen (Rustic lamb chops) and Masalchi’s colourful and flavourful Handi, Masala and Kalia dishes include a Chicken Makhan Palak (classic butter chicken with spinach).

Author and TV personality Atul said: “The energy and vibrancy of Wembley Park makes it one of the most exciting places in London right now.

"Opening Masalchi in this sporting, entertainment, shopping and dining destination makes a lot of sense and will be a thrilling next chapter for my hospitality group.”