A Harlesden bar has been shut down permanently after police filed fresh statements about violence and drug use.

Vybz Bar, in Craven Park Road, faced a Brent licensing meeting on Monday.

It had already received a closure order issued by magistrates on August 9, following the council's decision to suspend the bar's licence on August 3.

Since then, Harlesden police have submitted new CCTV showing issues relating to the bar, along with statements from officers.

One constable said in his statement: “Since I began working on the team in June I have noticed that Vybz Bar has been contributing to the ongoing antisocial behaviour issues."

He lists incidents including an occasion on July 16, when people were beaten by men with sticks and forced to hide in the bar.

Another constable on duty that day said of the incident: “At no point were police called to deal with the attackers.”

On other occasions, police said people were reported inhaling nitrous oxide outside the venue, threatening to stab people in the venue and stealing wallets.

The constable described the impact the bar has had on the community.

“On one occasion a local resident, who lives near the Vybz Bar, explained that it was a nightmare to live there," he said, highlighting that the noise was causing his children to be alarmed and distressed.

Licensing officer John McGann said the bar operated outside its permitted hours, often playing loud music and making it hard for residents to sleep.

Lawyer Michael Rhimes, representing the bar, argued that the revocation would be inconsistent with the committee’s previous decision, which was on the basis of the same complaints.

On August 3, the bar was told it would be allowed to reopen after the three-month suspension, but with restrictions.

“They have not even had the opportunity to work under these conditions," Mr Rhimes said, suggesting the owners were prepared to address the issues.

He argued that a Met Police officer previously said the licence did not need to be revoked and that the bar just needed to be more responsible.

Owner Emmanuel Samuel said: “We will change the way we run and make it more like a dining place with just food and drinks.”

He said the business would no longer hold DJ nights, and that it employs 15-20 staff members.

Announcing at the end of the meeting the committee's decision to revoke the licence, Archie Madden, the council’s legal adviser, said: “It was clear that he (Mr Samuel) was not qualified to take on the role of a designated premises supervisor.

“Having heard the new evidence of the police town centre team, the committee believes that it is correct to change its decision [and revoke the licence]."

Vybz Bar has been in business for more than five years and has a 4.1 rating on Google. A review on Facebook says: “The owners are approachable… supporting local artists."