Installations by London-based contemporary artist, Shubha Taparia, were featured in Unit 7 London, a new interdisciplinary arts studio in the Atlas Business Centre, Brent on December 4.

Shubha’s work explores representations of urban environments using permeable fabrics and construction scaffolding. Her practice also spans photography, performance, film, mixed media, sound, installation and participatory art.

Shubha was joined by Nicoletta Lambertucci, contemporary curator and Director of The Box, Plymouth, a gallery, museum and archive.

Nicoletta and Shubha discussed the way that Shubha’s work portrays contemporary life.

The exhibition gave Shubha the opportunity to interact and collaborate with the community of artists in Brent. Guests from the worlds of contemporary art, fashion and journalism also attended.

Cllr Lia Colacicco, Mayor of Brent, attended the exhibition. Cllr Colacicco asked Unit 7 to partake in the Brent Biennale, an arts and culture programme hosted by Brent Council between June-September 2022.