Mitski delivered an energetic, avant-garde performance at the Roundhouse last week in front of a roaring crowd

The Japanese-American arrived in Camden as part of her sold-out UK tour in support of her latest album, Laurel Hell.

The excitement was palpable as queues of fans snaked around the block. And when Mitski took to the stage the emotion turned to pure euphoria with an overwhelming screaming ovation. It's evident the indie star is not just a musician to her fans, but a relatable outcast who they can channel their emotions through.

The singer has built up a cult following with a loyal fanbase for songs such as ‘Me and My Husband’, ‘Francis Forever’ and the viral TikTok hit Nobody.

Each song received a screaming cheer with the crowd singing along to every word. Songs from the new album showcased her genre-defying talent which ranged from the upbeat Should’ve Been Me, to the beautiful, sombre Heat Lightning.

Towards the end of the set, Mitski asked the audience to take the lead and sing-along to Washing Machine Heart- as if they needed asking. The singer revels in the theatrical and genre-defying performative aspects of her shows which creates a unique experience.

A door at the back of the stage was never used or referenced, while a series of choreographed dances verged on avant-garde theatre and were at times both violent and beautiful - from interpretive Martial Arts kicks to ballet.

Despite limited engagement with her audience, the crowd clearly felt some things are better left unspoken and Mitski let her profound music do the talking, showcasing her raw talent as an indie superstar.