Wealdstone's victory over Grimsby Town is as good as it gets for Stones fans

Matt Buse of Wealdstone celebrates scoring against Grimsby Town

Matt Buse of Wealdstone celebrates scoring against Grimsby Town - Credit: Jon Taffel

As a Wealdstone fan last Tuesday night’s thrilling performance and victory at The Vale versus table topping side Grimsby Town was probably as good as it gets.

In the wake of that ignominious FA Cup defeat in the previous home game, something special was needed to reignite the fans' faith in the side and special it certainly was.

The shackles were suddenly thrown off in a tactical reassessment, and, all at once, the Stones looked far more positive as an attacking force, with enforced changes in midfield – Matt Buse starting and the recalled Zach Dronfield displaying tigerish like energy to continually disrupt and harry the full time Mariners but still built on a fantastic defensive display.

Despite the disappointment of a missed penalty early on, a sumptuous Buse strike secured much needed points for the near-1,900 crowd.

This performance proved the point that, set up correctly, Stones can more than merely survive in the National League. But nobody is suggesting that the corner has been turned because we all know that this league is relentless and performance levels have to be maintained in each and every game.

Wealdstone striker Ira Jackson on the ball against Grimsby Town

Wealdstone striker Ira Jackson on the ball against Grimsby Town - Credit: Jon Taffel

A word too for the Grimsby fans who travelled midweek to The Vale in huge numbers and certainly added to the electric atmosphere under the lights.

Stones are now heading into a two week break due to a couple of no-fixture weekends and have the opportunity to have several key injuries cleared up; this probably couldn’t have come at a better time although they will slip down the table as a result.

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All attention at Wealdstone will now focus on their next match at The Vale versus the old enemy Barnet on Saturday, November, 13 with another big gate guaranteed during International week.

Excitement and rivalry between the two camps is already bubbling up for many different reasons, perhaps more so, I suggest, on the Wealdstone side.

Barnet are now managed by Stones' former boss Dean Brennan, but the history between the two clubs makes this first clash for many years in front of fans all the more febrile.

Those of us who supported the club at least 20 years ago will know all about Barnet taking over what would have been Stones' long awaited dream home at Prince Edward Playing Fields after a decade of battling for planning permission and half completing the stadium now know as "The Hive".

That whole episode in Wealdstone’s history still deeply rankles with many, including myself, but newer Stones fans will be blissfully unaware of that sorry saga.