Sensible to wait on EFL insists Wealdstone boss

Wealdstone manager Dean Brennan. Picture: MontImageMedia

Wealdstone manager Dean Brennan. Picture: MontImageMedia - Credit: Archant

Wealdstone manager Dean Brennan says it’s a wise decision for the National League to wait for an Football League decision before deciding on the outcomes from their season.

Wealdstone players at the end of the match (pic Mont Image Media)

Wealdstone players at the end of the match (pic Mont Image Media) - Credit: Archant

The National League held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the potential of playing play-offs to settle promotion and relegation among their divisions.

The outcome was that the season will be shaped by the EFL and as a result no decision is expected until next week at the earliest.

“If I’m being honest I think that’s a sensible decision. Football is like a food chain, it starts at the Premier League and works it’s way down to our level, which is the sixth level,” Brennan said.

“I probably expected this to be honest with you, as they can’t really make any moves without knowing if level five can move into level four, and level four comes down to level five in the pyramid.”

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Brennan insisted no club will rush into plans for next season anyway, while awaiting a decision due to the amount of available players this summer.

“We’d stop all plans to be totally honest with you, we’ve watched videos as a coaching staff of games that have gone by, but I think there will be so many players available this summer we won’t be in a rush to sign a lot of players,” he added.

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“When the new season does start there will be so many players available and will make our level stronger to be totally honest as I think 50 per cent of League Two players are out of contract. That’s quite a large amount and they will have to filter somewhere.

“I think the most important thing, though, is that every football club survives. I know it’s a bit cliché, but God knows when we’re going to be playing football again, so it’s a really testing time for everybody.

“I think health is first the most important thing, then after that you’re looking at football clubs surviving as a lot of clubs will be in tough financial situations after this is done.

“We’re a stable football club with a solid foundation, so I don’t think we’ll be too bad, but some clubs it’s going to be tough for.

“We all want to get back to football, I’ve said this on numerous occasions, there is no problem chatting about football as I think that’s important and healthy and shows how much we love the business.

“At this moment in time it’s just got to take the back seat to health and the human race.”

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