Family affair as Zadie Smith's mum and brother publish books on same day

Yvonne Bailey-Smith

Yvonne Bailey-Smith - Credit: Archant

It will be a family affair in Queen's Park on Thursday as Zadie Smith's mum and brother see their first books published.

Yvonne Bailey-Smith's novel The Day I Fell Off My Island and her son Ben Bailey-Smith's children's book Something I Said are both being published on June 10.

Ben Bailey Smith, also known as Doc Brown, attending the Vanity Fair EE BAFTA Rising Star Party at T

Ben Bailey Smith, also known as Doc Brown, has published his first novel Like I Said. - Credit: Ian West/PA

In April, Yvonne's award-winning daughter Zadie Smith published her first children's book Weirdo, with husband Nick Laird.

Meanwhile son Luc Skyz is busy writing a screenplay.

"It's amazing, it feels fantastic," said Yvonne. "Queen's Park Books has called and said the books are in and I'm going to go in and sign them.

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"I'll be really excited when I see the book being held by a total stranger. It feels good."

The mum-of-three, who lives in Willesden, had her coming age tale snapped up by Myriad in November last year.

It tells the story of a young teenager who arrives in London from Jamaica and how her life changes irrevocably.

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"I really, really wanted to do it. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, I told so many people I was going to write a book that I had to write a book. My mouth is too big."

A former social worker and psychotherapist , Yvonne said the three of them releasing books this year was "fabulous".

The novels will go on sale at Queen's Park Books, in Salusbury Road on Thursday, and while the fictional tales may appear in the window, don't expect the family to be there.

Zadie Smith is supporting the community centres. Credit: Dominique Nabokov

Zadie Smith is supporting the community centres. Credit: Dominique Nabokov - Credit: Archant

"Zadie is in the States but she's not back until the 7th but she's got to quarantine and will be locked up at home.

"Ben is filming Persuasion, he's playing Mr Musgrove. He's going to be on set so he can't go in to sign.

"It's really fantastic I'm really glad for him. He's very involved. He's a bit like me and has one million things going on at any one time. He thinks he's not but he's very good at multitasking from what I can see."

Ben's novel is a big-hearted story about family, friendship and how far one boy will go to get a laugh.

"I'm so proud of my children," Yvonne added. "They are all incredible kids. I don't know where I've got them from to be honest, I found them in a mulberry bush."

The Day I Fell Off My Island is published by Myriad

Like I Said is published by Bloomsbury

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