Youngsters unveil mural in Neasden

Children from Prress Road spent three months working on the inspirational fresco

A colourful new mural to inspire ‘unity in the community’ created by talented children living in an estate troubled by anti social behaviour, has been unveiled.

Youngsters living in and around Press House Estate in Press Road, Neasden, spent three months working on the fresco, which is framed with dozens of photographs of young people playing in the area.

Organisers say they are really proud of the work, which they want to be a permanent testament to the lives and achievements of the young people on the estate.

Anna Myers, education officer at the Tricycle Theatre, which co-sponsored the project, said: “It is about instilling that sense of community, and helping the children create something that other residents can see is a positive contribution in the area.”

In 2003 Press Road hit the national headlines after seven members of the ‘Press Road Crew’ were given the first mass asbo for terrorising residents on the estate for two years.

Since then, strives have been taken to improve the area, and community projects have been put on in an effort to divert youngsters away from crime and violence.

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Talented Tiahna Bowen, 10, who lives in Press Road with her mum, stepdad and five siblings, and worked on the project, said: “I really enjoyed it.

“It was the first time I used a spray can and drew graffiti which was really fun.”

Pointing out the pictures of her and her three sisters which she had pasted on the mural, Tiahna added: “I feel really proud that I did it. When my mum sees it she’ll see all my hard work and be really pleased.”

Nicola Davis, 10, who lives with her dad and four sisters in Press Road, said: “I enjoyed making the mural. We came after school to work on it and I got to know new people and make friends.”

The project was sponsored by the Tricycle Theatre and Stadium Housing Association.