Young students to march in Kilburn today to campaign for the homeless

Team Sabesan of the Real Challenge Design

Team Sabesan of the Real Challenge Design - Credit: Archant

A group of 12 young students will be marching down Kilburn High Road today to campaign for homeless adults and children.

The group informally known as Team Sabesan set up Hope to Homeless in July as part of Real Challenge Design, run as part of the government’s National Citizen’s Service.

They hope to raise awareness and break down stereotypes in the community by encouraging everyone to take part in their “Help Homeless Hope” campaign.

This Saturday, passers by will have the opportunity to hand-print and write a positive message on a banner which will be donated to homeless shelters.

They will also receive leaflets that contain more information on what they could do to help, and wristbands that have links to our social media.

The Challenge is a programme for 16 and 17 year olds which aims to increase levels of trust, responsibility, understanding and empathy and help them develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

The programme consists of four parts: Personal Challenge, Team Challenge, Real Challenge Design, and Real Challenge Action.

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