Young activist Anton Georgiou to stand for Liberal Democrats in Brent Central

Anton Georgiou, Liberal Democrat candidate is standing for Brent Central

Anton Georgiou, Liberal Democrat candidate is standing for Brent Central - Credit: Archant

A 22-year-old Liberal Democrat activist is to stand against Dawn Butler MP in Brent Central

Anton Georgiou, who lives in Ellesmere Road, Dollis Hill, said his is the only party who will stand up for those who voted to stay in Europe.

If elected Mr Georgiou will become one of the youngest MPs in the country.

Born in Brent, he said: “Brent is my home and it is my home seat, that’s why I want to stand, because I would like to represent people I’ve grown up with and live around. It’s been five years since I started campaigning with the Liberal Democrats. I’m more inclined to stand now than wait another five years or so because the moment is now for young people to stand up and voice their frustrations and anger at what’s happening in the country.

“They voted overwhelmingly to remain in Europe, not just young people, Brent voted overwhelmingly to remain.

“If I’m elected and there’s enough of us, I’ll ensure that the public are given a final say on any deal. That’s essential. There wasn’t a vote on the deal, only if people wanted in or out.”

Mr Georgiou’s record in Brent includes standing as a council candidate in Dudden Hill in 2014.

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A bright light in his party he was selected as the GLA candidate for the Brent and Harrow constituency during the 2016 mayoral elections and was beaten by Labour’s Navin Shah.

He helped set up Brent Refugee Action Group for those fleeing violence in Syria and other war-torn countries, explaining at the time how his own family arrived in the UK after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

His grandparents, mother and two aunts were forced to abandon their home and all their worldly possessions in Famagusta, Cyprus after soldiers invaded their town.

He actively campaigned to stay in Europe last year. He was a campaigns officer for the European movement, a national all-party movement, and he also set up the group Brent in Europe.

He added: “I do have the campaign experience and I’d like to say I have a record to stand on as I’ve done some things locally.

“There are more policies I’m fighting for like housing, the NHS and social care.

“I’m very excited, raring to go. We’re seeing a lot of people joining our party locally and getting alot of activists coming to us and saying they want to help.

“I respect that Dawn Butler voted against invoking Article 50, but voting Labour in Brent means giving a party that has consistently supported the Tories on Brexit another seat in Parliament. Only the Lib Dems will push for a second vote on the deal.”