Willesden woman ‘force-fed’ in PETA protest at Fortnum & Mason

Nichola Rogers was 'force-fed' outside Fortnum and Masons

Nichola Rogers was 'force-fed' outside Fortnum and Masons - Credit: Archant

A Willesden woman was ‘force-fed’ 20 kilograms of corn through a tube as part of a protest organised by animal rights campaigners.

Nichola Rogers from Ilex Road, took part in the publicity stunt by PETA outside Fortnum & Mason yesterday against its sale of foie gras.

The organisation are urging the high-end food store to stop selling the controversial French product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened.

PETA claim the average goose is forced to ingest 20 kilograms of corn a day and Ms Rogers was ‘force-fed’ the same amount to highlight their plight.

The production of foie grais is banned in the UK and 16 other countries.

Selfridges and Harvey Nichols have stopped selling foie gras and PETA are urging Fortnum & Mason to do the same.

Ms Rogers said: “Fortnum & Mason shoppers should know that the main ingredient in every serving of foie gras is animal abuse.

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“The company’s marketing strategy based on its adherence to British tradition reeks of hypocrisy because foie gras production is so hideous that it’s banned in the UK.”

A spokesman for Fortnum & Mason said: “Foie gras is sold in shops throughout the UK, and is used in many top restaurants. We do understand that it is not to some people’s taste, and we respect their right to make their feelings known. “However, foie gras has been on sale at Fortnum’s down the centuries, and a sizeable number of our customers enjoy it. We believe they should have the freedom to choose whether to buy it or not.”