Willesden Wassail to take place on Sunday

Urban Wassail will take plcae in Willesden this Sunday

Urban Wassail will take plcae in Willesden this Sunday - Credit: Archant

One of Britain’s most ancient and entertaining agricultural traditions will be carried out in Willesden on Sunday.

The Willesden Wassail will parade down the High Street, serenading shopkeepers along the way to celebrate their hard work and the community.

A traditional Wassail is celebrated in the hope that fruit orchards will have a successful harvest in the coming Summer, but in Willesden it has been re-invented to embrace traders.

The parade will be joined by local performers including in Berakah Multi Faith Choir, ParkLife Singers, hip hop MCs the LC Collective, singer Muhammed Al-Husseini and poet Errol McGlashan.

Rachel Rose Reid, founder of the Willesden Green Wassail, said: “Recent

developments on the High Street can make locals feel as if the character of Willesden Green is beyond our control, but each of us is responsible for creating the kind of community we live in by how we treat each other in our daily interactions.

“There are acts of intolerance and racism reported across the country every day. It is

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important that people who are peaceful can be just as loud by committing joyful acts of unity and celebration of each other.”

The event will start outside Willesden Green Tube Station at 2.30pm.

All are welcome.