Willesden residents upset at construction works

Work has begun to build a new Willesden Cultural Centre

Work has begun to build a new Willesden Cultural Centre - Credit: Archant

Construction work for the new Willesden library is “an accident waiting to happen” say residents, who are having to put up with the daily noise and disturbance.

Lorries block Brondesbury Park where residents no longer have anywhere to park and fear for the structure of their homes as the building of the new cultural centre gets underway

The controversial planning application was passed by Brent Council in a joint project with developer Galliford Try in February, to knock down Willesden Green Library Centre, in High Road, and build a cultural centre with 95 flats on the site.

Jason Stewart, a software designer who lives on the road, said: “What really worries me is that there’s going to be a really serious accident. You don’t build such large development in such confined spaces in a residential area. If it hadn’t been the council co-chairing this, it would not have got planning permission. What’s happening now is a consequence.”

Bus stops have been removed to make way for site offices and replaced at the entrance to the development which is “having a knock-on effect on the whole area.”

We’ve got a four-year-old, so having to walk half-a-mile to get to my car is annoying. The top of my house is shaking like anything.

“I’m sure residents in Grange Road are equally angry. A surveyor told me that vibrations had already damaged properties. ”

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Cllr Carol Shaw, who represents Brondesbury Park, said: “We are waiting for an accident to happen . Things are getting worse.”

A spokesman for Galliford Try said: “Some level of disruption is inevitable and we apologise to anybody who has been inconvenienced.

“All practical steps to minimise any issues have been taken and we continue to engage in a dialogue with all our neighbours to discuss any problems they may have.

‘‘We refute any accusations that the area around the site has become ‘extremely hazardous’ and continue to work with Brent Council to ensure the traffic flow is as safe and as manageable as possible.” A council spokesman said: “The council is closely monitoring disruption.” have told Galliford Trythat it is unacceptable for lorries to park or idle inappropriately and that it should not happen again. We will issue penalty charge notices in the usual way.”