Willesden pensioner left a nervous wreck after drugs raid

Woman says she is still waiting for an apology from the police

A HAPPY-go-lucky pensioner has been left a nervous wreck after police kicked down her door in the middle of the night during a botched raid.

Jane Roache, was woken at 1am, on December 16, as police smashed down the front door to her flat in Rutland Park, Willesden, before barging into her bedroom.

Ms Roache said the experience has left her a virtual recluse too scared to go outside and in need of strong drugs to calm her down.

She said: “I am very angry. It’s brought back my asthma and I’m really stressed now. There was police everywhere in my flat and they were speaking to me like I’m dirt. They wouldn’t even let me put my dressing gown on. I’m still shocked and I can’t sleep at night now.”

“They said they had a reliable source that I was dealing drugs with the people upstairs but I don’t even know them. They have been living there for six years and I don’t even know their name.”

Hugo Samaio, 26, who lives in the flat above, which was also raided at the time, was arrested for possession of cannabis.

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He was subsequently fined �105 and �40 costs at Brent Magistrates Court.

Ms Roache said the police acknowledged their mistake and immediately arranged for a temporary door to be fitted but have so far failed to apologise.

She said: “The man who put on the door said sorry, then the man from above came down and said sorry but there’s been no apology from the police.”

Ms Roache said she is taking legal advice in a bid to win some compensation after the ordeal and will lodge a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Brent Borough Commander Matthew Gardner said: “No evidence of drugs was found at the address and we have apologised to the occupiers. My officers were acting with the best intent. We acted on information that had been passed to us from members of the public. We attended a second nearby address at the same time and two arrests were made for possession of cannabis.

“My officers and I are committed to tackling drugs in Brent. We will act on information received. On this occasion we got it wrong. I take responsibility. My officers and I have personally tried to contact the residents to apologise but we have had no answer at this time. The address mentioned was found not to be in any away connected to the supply or possession of drugs.

“There are measures that are necessary to take when executing a warrant which should be fully explained to the occupiers. If anyone is unhappy with the conduct of any of my officers then I will ensure an investigation is conducted. “