Willesden family ‘living in fear’ after being targeted in SIX Islamaphobic attacks

Mr Ahmed's car has been vandalised in the latest attack

Mr Ahmed's car has been vandalised in the latest attack - Credit: Archant

A Muslim father from Willesden claims police are failing to take seriously a series of Islamaphobic attacks against him and his family.

Mr Ahmed's car has been vandalised in the latest attack

Mr Ahmed's car has been vandalised in the latest attack - Credit: Archant

Bilall Ahmed, 32, said his family are living in fear after animal faeces were left on their doorstep and his car has been repeatedly vandalised outside their home in Chaplin Road.

In the latest attack last week, an offensive racist slur was etched on the bonnet of his BMW convertible, the windows were smashed, the bodywork keyed and his roof was slashed.

He has been told by his insurance company the £8,000 vehicle is likely to be written-off due to the intensity of the damage.

The father-of-three, who did not want to be photographed for fear of further attacks, told the Times the police have failed to take the incidents seriously.

He said: “This has happened six times and I feel like I am being ignored by the police.

“I have told the police I am a victim of hate crimes but it’s not being taken seriously. “I’ve even had an officer smirk when I was telling her what has been happening. I was so angry I nearly threw her out of my home.”

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In one horrendous incident several used woman’s sanitary products were thrown on his doorstep.

He said: “I keep reporting the incidents and I am told by the police they can’t do anything.

“I have even told them who I suspect is behind the attacks and they say there is no proof. Other Muslim and black neighbours have been targeted.”

According to the latest figures from the Met there were six Islamaphobic incidents in Brent last month which is a 200 per cent increase compared to October last year when there were just two.

Mr Ahmed added: “Do the police have to wait until someone is seriously hurt or killed before something will be done.

“Our family are living in fear.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Officers from Brent Community Safety Unit are investigating an allegation of criminal damage to a car, whereby a racist comment was scratched into the bonnet and extensive damage was caused to all panels and the roof.

“The investigation is in its early stages at this time and the victim is being informed of any progress. Police are also investigating criminal damage to a second nearby vehicle.

“Brent Police take all allegations of racially motivated crime seriously and will investigate robustly. In addition, the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be conducting reassurance patrols in the area.”

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