Willesden bishop asked to withdraw after ‘appalling’ posts about royal wedding

WILLESDEN Bishop the Rt Rev Pete Broadbent has been asked to withdraw from his public post by the Bishop of London after his ‘appalling’ comments about last week’s royal wedding announcement described the event as ‘nauseating tosh’ from two ‘shallow celebrities’

He said: “I was appalled by the Bishop of Willesden’s comments about the forthcoming royal marriage. In common with most of the country I share the joy which the news of the engagement has brought.

“I have now had an opportunity to discuss with Bishop Peter how his comments came to be made and I have noted his unreserved apology. Nevertheless, “I have asked him to withdraw from public ministry until further notice.

He added: “I have been in touch with St James’ Palace to express my own dismay on behalf of the Church.”

The bishop’s thoughtless words about Prince William and Kate Middleton forthcoming nuptials which were posted on his Facebook page have angered a Brent councillors, who said that residents of Willesden will not thank him for his ‘disrespectful’ comments.

Deputy leader of the Brent conservatives Reg Colwill said: “It’s pretty obvious he’s been speaking before he thinks.

“I think that many people around here still have some respect for the Royal Family and what they mean to this country.

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“The people of Willesden won’t be thanking him for these disrespectful comments, it does not reflect well on the community.

“As part of the clergy representing Willesden he should keep these thoughts to himself.”

Willesden Green councillor Ann Hunter said: “My heart sank when I saw that people around the world would hear of Willesden for the first time in reference to these comments.

“I think residents here both royalists and republicans, want the royal family to be treated with the respect.

“I have to think about what I say because I am in the public arena, you would have thought he, being a bishop, would have thought about what he said a bit more.

“On a human level, even as the republican that I am, I wish them every happiness.”

Describing the Royal Family as full of “broken marriages and philanderers” Bishop Broadbent gave the marriage ‘seven years’ before it broke.

He wrote: “Need to work out what date in the spring or summer I should be booking my republican day trip to France” he wrote, “I think we need a party in Calais for all good republicans who can’t stand the nauseating tosh that surrounds this event.

“I managed to avoid the last disaster in slow motion between Big Ears and the Porcelain Doll, and hope to avoid this one too.”

He went on to say that the wedding would become “national flim-flam” and cost tax-payers “an arm and a leg.”

On Monday Bishop Broadbent issued an apology for his comments.

He said: “I have conveyed to Prince Charles and to Prince William and Kate Middleton my sincere regrets for the distress caused by my remarks and the subsequent media attention about the forthcoming Royal Wedding.”