Wembley woman hopping mad after rabbit thefts

Bunny bandits carry out heartless raid

An agonised auntie is hopping mad after bunny bandits stole two pet rabbits in a heartless raid.

Pets Terrence and Tinkerbell disappeared from their hutch in Lyon Park Avenue, Wembley, overnight on Sunday – leaving just one rabbit, Derek, alone in the garden without his furry friends.

To add insult to injury this is the second time thieves have struck. About six years ago eight rabbits – seven bunnies and their mother – were taken from the same property lived in by 20-year-old Jade Jeeves. Now the thieves have returned to claim two young rabbits belonging to her nephews and nieces.

In the latest raid, the cheeky thief also stole a two litre bottle of Southern Comfort left in the garden from Tayla’s christening the day before as well as taking the auburn-coloured Terrence, and Tinkerbell who is white.

Ms Jeeves said: “It’s quite annoying because when I was younger I had a number of baby rabbits stolen. I’m angry because these are the kids’ rabbits. They will be devastated because they will notice. I know one of the boys is going to cry his eyes out.

“He’ll be really upset as he stays here every weekend so he will definitely notice.’’

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Ms Jeeves told the Times how an intruder in a grey hoodie tried to take Derek on Monday before fleeing as she returned home, and revealed that her father is spending �75 on a pair of replacement rabbits of the same colour in the hope that the children will not notice the difference.

She added: “I’m upset for the kids. We are lucky that my dad said we can go out and buy some replacements. It’s hard because we do not want to move because of something like this.

“It’s stressful because now I can’t sit with the back door open.

“I have reported the thefts to the police and they said they will see what they can do.

“Nothing will be found because what’s the likelihood of seeing someone walking along the street with a rabbit in their arms?”

n If you have any information about the stolen rabbits you can call Crimestoppes on 0800 555 111.