Wembley, Sudbury and Kenton are among the luckiest areas to win the National Lottery

HA is the luckiest postcode

HA is the luckiest postcode - Credit: Archant

Do you live in Wembley, Sudbury or Kenton and you play the National Lottery?

If so you live in one of the luckiest places to win a jackpot of at least £50,000, figures released today claim.

According to data obtained by the National Lottery, the HA postcode ranks 10th out of the 121 across the country for winners of major prizes per head of the population since the draw began.

Since 2011, 19 new winners from the HA postcode have become lottery millionaires, putting the area 27th for instant millionaires.

Andy Carter, from the National Lottery, the man who pays out the big winners, said, “The results of our number crunching is great for those sporting a HA postcode and demonstrates that in every corner, there are lottery winners regularly celebrating a life-changing win.

In 2015, 18 grants worth £512,976 were distributed to National Lottery funded projects in the HA postcode.