Wembley student grills the Prime Minister over the decaying state of her school

Khadija Zribi discussed Copland Community School with David Cameron

A pupil from Wembley was delighted after receiving a hand-signed letter from the Prime Minister lauding her efforts in campaigning to get her school re-built.

Year seven pupil Khadija Zribi met David Cameron and grilled him about the state of the facilities at Copland Community School.

Following the meeting, arranged as part of the BBC School News Report Day, the school, in Cecil Avenue, was announced as one of the winners of the Priority School Building Programme.

It will undergo a multi-million pound refurbishment.

Khadija said: “I’m really excited about what’s going on and I’m happy I had an influence on the new building being built.”

Danny Fraser, who also attended the workshop, added: “I think that it’s good that the school has the funds for a new building. I think that this could influence us kids in a positive way. I’m happy I made a positive mark on the school.”

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The news report day earlier this year gave pupils the chance to visit the Television Centre in Shepherds Bush for the interview workshop.

Copland, alongside Alperton Community School, will be rebuilt under the programme to help some of the country’s worst schools.

It is not known exactly how much each school will receive but it is estimated that it will cost �18 million to rebuild Copland and �17 million to rebuild Alperton.