Wembley student designs app to help vulnerable people in an emergency

Harsha Prabhala has designed the Emergency Alarm System App

Harsha Prabhala has designed the Emergency Alarm System App - Credit: Archant

Harsha Prabhala, 23, is the brains behind The Emergency Alarm System

A student from Wembley has designed an application designed to help the vulnerable access care in an emergency.

The Emergency Alarm System will act in a unique way by detecting when an emergency situation might arise.

Currently designed for the Android, the application will detect situations including if a smart phone falls suddenly or remains inactive for a relatively long period of time by measuring its movement and positioning.

Harsha Prabhala, who designed the App told the Times: “I felt there is a need for something like this.

“It can be helpful for care workers and doctors to review the data that has been collected and also if an emergency is required it can send an immediate signal for help.”

In cases when an emergency situation is identified, a confirmation screen is shown before initiating notifications for help.

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If the user terminates the notification, then it will be cancelled, but if there is no response before the allotted time elapses, an SMS message is sent to all the care workers and a call is made to the primary care worker.

The application as an App for the Android phone and can be linked up to a web application for people to track.

The 23-year-old, who is currently studying Web Development at Kingston University, added that he was keen to extend the app to other platforms.