Wembley Stadium awarded prestigious status for its commitment to the environment

Sholeh Johnston, Arts Manager, Julie’s Bicycle; Melvin Benn, Chairman, Wembley Stadium, Julie’s Bicy

Sholeh Johnston, Arts Manager, Julies Bicycle; Melvin Benn, Chairman, Wembley Stadium, Julies Bicycle Board Member and Managing Director of Festival Republic and Roger Maslin, Managing Director, Wembley Stadium. - Credit: Archant

Wembley Stadium has became the largest ever venue to be awarded a prestigious status for its commitment to being green.

The venue in Engineers Way has been given a three star Industry Green status joining just five other arts and cultural organisations in the country.

The accolade was set up by environmental organisation Julie’s Bicycle in partnership with the Environmental Change Institute of Oxford University.

Three stars is the highest possible rating.

Some of the venues efforts in the past year includes encouraging staff to leave their cars at home buy offering them travel card loans and registering on the Cycle to Work scheme, increasing their recycling rates to 65 per cent from 46 per cent and decreasing remissions from business travel by 10 per cent per performance per seat.

Roger Maslin, managing director of Wembley Stadium, said: “The Green Team at Wembley Stadium has been working towards achieving the three Star Industry Green certification for the past four years and it is testament to the on-going work that has been carried out by the staff that we have achieved this award.

“My congratulations go out to the staff at the stadium that are members of the Green Team, who are directly accountable for the achievement of the Industry Green certification.”