Wembley schoolchildren vote for their class representatives

The borough’s mayor was on hand to announce the winners

Schoolchildren in the borough were treated to a special today (Monday) as they were given a taste of a democratic election.

Park Lane Primary School in Park Lane, Wembley, gave children the opportunity to vote on who they wanted to see as their class representatives on the school council, while Cllr Aslam Choudhry, Brent Mayor, was on hand at to announce the winners.

A total of 16 representatives were elected, with two pupils from each class being given the position.

The candidates had all previously had the opportunity to appeal for votes describing ways they would strive to improve the school, however the power lay with their fellow pupils.

Jean Gordon-Reynolds, headteacher, said the whole day was an important experience for the children.

She added: “They absolutely loved it; the really important thing is they now understand how a democracy works and the benefits of having an approachable mayor in the community.”