Wembley residents launch fight against flytippers

Akbar Butt, Chirag Gir and Yogesh Patel are campaigning against flytipping in Wembley

Akbar Butt, Chirag Gir and Yogesh Patel are campaigning against flytipping in Wembley - Credit: Archant

Residents in Wembley have formed a group to tackle flytipping in their neighbourhood claiming they are fed-up with a lack of action from the council.

Flytipping dump their rubbish and waste on the streets

Flytipping dump their rubbish and waste on the streets - Credit: Archant

Chirag Gir, who lives in Scarle Road, has been heading a Clean Up Brent campaign with neighbours by door knocking and spreading awareness but says the problems far outweigh what they can do.

He said: “A massive problem we have is lack of enforcement by the council. We’ve been along to local surgeries to talk to councillors and they don’t turn up.

“We email them and we don’t get a response, or they say they’ll get back to us and don’t. We’ve shown them evidence and they do nothing.”

He said many houses in the area are multi-occupancy and the group, currently made up of 10 residents, are collecting video evidence of residents leaving bags on the streets which attract vermin.

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The group plan to distribute leaflets at school pick up times to help them reach the wider community and would welcome any volunteers who can help.

Mr Gir added: “Our objectives are very simple. I know it may seem like any other neighbourhood trying to clean up their area but there are fundamental problems.”

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Dennis Lewis, waste enforcement officer at Brent Council denied flytipping was not being taken seriously.

He added: “There is simply no need for it as the council provides a bulky waste collection service, but for those who choose to illegally dump their waste, rest assured that the council will always do all it can to bring about a conviction.

“Already in the past year we have secured a number of convictions resulting in fines worth thousands of pounds, thanks in part to the support of responsible residents who submitted evidence.

“I’d ask all residents in Brent to help spread the word of our collection services and to continue to join us in the fight against flytipping, by gathering any and every bit of evidence possible to help prosecute these flytippers who have such disregard for our community.”

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