Wembley Park tube station stalker slapped with restraining order

Court heard his victim endured him following her to work on a regular basis

A stalker who made his victim’s life a misery as she commuted to work has been banned from coming within 50 metres of her.

Paul Stark, 22, followed the 26-year-old woman as she travelled from Wembley Park tube station to central London on the Metropolitan Line throughout 2008 forcing her to change her route.

Brent Magistrates’ Court heard following her route change the woman did not spot Stark until November 29 last year when he resumed his stalking campaign by staring at her as she got off a train.

Four days later, the victim saw Stark again and he followed her on to a train and stared at her throughout the journey.

He followed her as she got off at Farringdon station and entered a shop she went into, leaving only after she called a friend.

Stark continued stalking his victim by travelling in the same carriage as her as she commuted to work, staring at her during the entire journey.

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He was arrested on January 25 this year when his victim saw him standing on the platform at Wembley Park tube station and alerted British Transport Police officers.

Last week, Stark from Eastcote, Middlesex, admitted harassment and was handed an indefinite restraining order banning him from coming within 50 metres of his victim.

He was also ordered to pay his victim �1,000 compensation.

As part of Stark’s order, he is also banned from contacting his victim by any other means and is prohibited from standing on a platform in Wembley Park tube station unless he is catching a train.

PC Paul Franklin, investigating officer, said: “Officers attended the station and arrested Stark after he was pointed out by the victim.

“CCTV evidence which showed Stark purposefully following the victim across platforms and onto trains disproved his claim that they had just seen each other many times by coincidence.

“Stark’s behaviour was no doubt very frightening for the victim, who thought she had seen the last of him a few years ago.

“She will now no longer have to worry about him thanks to the restraining order handed down to him by the court.”