Wembley mothers back Barham Park Library campaigners

Some of the mother and toddlers that regularly attend Barham Volunteer Library, picture taken at Bar

Some of the mother and toddlers that regularly attend Barham Volunteer Library, picture taken at Barham Volunteer Library 428 High Rd Wembley HA9 6AH - Credit: Archant

Crusaders have been providing local parents with activity space

A bid by library crusaders in Wembley to return to their former library in Barham Park is being backed by a group of local mothers and their children.

The mothers are often turned way by Children Centres in both Chaplin Road and Barham Park Wembley because they are full.

With nowhere else to turn, they went to campaign group Friends of Barham Library who have been providing them with free space for their activities.

The group now organise activities for their children at the temporary Volunteer Library at 428 High Road Wembley 3 days per week on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays afternoons.

Cllr Paul Lorber, a member of FOBL and leader of the borough’s Liberal Democrats group said: “Although our space in the shop in Wembley High Road is limited we do not turn anyone away.

“The mothers and their children are simply allowed to get on with things as our Volunteers run the library and 2nd hand bookshop.

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“There is however much more space in the library in Barham Park and we would be happy to expand the mothers and toddlers activities and support the Children Centre as soon as we are allowed to get back into the library.”

FOBL have been bidding to get Barham Park Library reopened for the past 15 months so that they can open a community building.

They have been running the Volunteer Library since April last year.

Friends of Barham Library is at 428 High Road, Wembley, is open on Saturdays 11 to 5pm and Mondays and Wednesdays 12 to 5pm.

Donations of books, CDs, Dvds and cash to Friends of Barham Library can be left with Daniels Estate Agents nearby at 438 High Road Wembley at any time.

Brent Council is due to make a decision on the letting of the library next month.

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