Wembley killer caught with gun outside Tony Blair’s home is sent to secure mental unit

Court hears asylum seeker was convicted of homicide in Germanys

AN ASYLUM seeker who was caught with a loaded gun outside Tony Blair’s home is a convicted killer, it has been revealed.

Southwark Crown Court heard today (Thursday) that Vladimir Kendella, 56, of Danes Court, North End Road, Wembley, had previously spent ‘some time’ in a German mental hospital for homicide.

The Albanian was cornered by police in Connaught Street just yards from the former Prime Minister’s residence after a car chase through Central London on December 12, 2009.

When he was searched, officers found a silencer under the driver’s seat.

Another three rounds of ammunition were uncovered in his home the following day.

A jury had found him guilty of possessing the handgun and ammunition, but were unable to decide whether he knew about the silencer, after hearing he had only recently bought the vehicle.

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Prosecutor Ian Paton said: “It does appear that Mr Kendella does have a conviction for homicide in Germany.”

He said it was unclear at the present time whether it was a formal conviction, as no-one in court had full knowledge of the facts of the case or how it was dealt with under the German legal system.

Judge Christopher Hardy was due to pass sentence but adjourned it for another six weeks so that further mental health reports can be carried out.

During his trial jurors heard Kendella claim he had bought the white Seat from a car dealer only days before he was stopped, and had no idea about the presence of the silencer.

He said the presence of the bullets in his bedroom was explained by the fact that the car dealer had been round to his house for a drinking session, and must have left them there.

He will be sentenced on April 7.