Wembley councillor resigns from her seat in the Barnhill ward

Judith Beckman has moved out of the borough and is rumoured to be living in south west England

A Wembley councillor has resigned after the Times revealed she had moved out of the borough.

Cllr Judith Beckman had initially vowed to continue her duties as a Labour councillor in the Barnhill ward of Wembley despite moving out of Brent.

However, she later announced she would give up her seat to allow a by-election to take place on May 3 alongside the Mayoral and London Assembly elections.

Until she handed in her resignation yesterday (Monday) Cllr Beckman, who is rumoured to be residing in south west England, was able to claim a basic councillor’s allowance of �7,974 plus a further �2,113 special responsibility allowance as she is on three committees – providing she attended one meeting every six months.

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