Wembley business man wins £120,000 National Lottery prize

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Photographer: James Robinson / www.James-Robinson.co.uk

Hitendrakumar Maugi with his wife Punamben Solanki celebrate their £120,000 National Lottery win. - Credit: James Robinson/Camelot

A Wembley businessman has popped the Champagne after his Lucky Dip lottery ticket won him £10,000 a month for the next year. 

Hitendrakumar Maugi bought a National Lottery 'Set For Life' ticket but was clueless he had matched five numbers as he was too busy trying to keep his business afloat during the pandemic.

The 45-year-old said he plays the lottery "from time to time" but rarely checks promptly. 

Copyright Camelot, Free For Editorial UsePhotographer: James Robinson / www.James-Robinson.co.uk

Hitendrakumar Maugi & Punamben Solanki celebrate their £10,000 every month for one year Set for Life win from The National Lottery. - Credit: James Robinson

"When I saw an email telling me there was good news, I’ll admit I thought it would be a small win which I could use to play again, or make a donation to the temple, so I didn’t really pay attention.”

He was spurred into action a few weeks later when he received an email reminding him to check his account.

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 “As I logged into my National Lottery account and saw that I had matched five numbers on the Set For Life game I said to myself there must be a problem, logged out and back in again only to see the same message congratulating me on the win.

"I just couldn’t comprehend that millions of people play The National Lottery and yet I, Hitendrakumar Maugi from Wembley, had won!”

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The devoted family man checked the numbers a final time using his smart phone before sharing the news with his wife of 15 years Punamben Solanki and his mother.

Copyright Camelot, Free For Editorial Use
Photographer: James Robinson / www.James-Robinson.co.uk

Hitendrakumar Maugi & Punamben Solanki toast their Set for Life lottery win - Credit: James Robinson

“My wife and my mother are the two most important people in my life, so I wanted to be 100 percent confident that I really was a winner before sharing this amazing news.

"They were both over the moon and said that this is a blessing for me because I have always tried to live a good and honorable life.”

Hitendrakumar plans to help charities he already supports, donate to the temple in Wembley and to look after his family. 

“I truly believe in living a good life, helping my family, my community and those who are less fortunate. Until now I have been able to do this through hard work and dedication to my business and our customers, but now I can help further thanks to this amazing win,” he added.

‘Set For Life’  offers a top prize of £10,000 a month for 30 years when the five main numbers and the Life Ball are matched. Players can win £10,000 a month for a whole year by matching the five main numbers.

Hitendrakumar's winning numbers on March 8 were 2, 16, 28, 32, 45 and the Life Ball was 10.

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