Homeowners who suffered prolonged power cuts during Storm Eunice could be set to receive hundreds of pounds in compensation.

UK Power Networks is offering payments to households which were left without power when the severe winds hit on Friday, February 18.

Gusts across the region were recorded at speeds of up to 80mph, which caused widespread damage and destruction.

Basil Scarsella, UK Power Networks CEO, said: “I appreciate what a difficult time this is for our many customers who have experienced a power cut caused by Storm Eunice which saw record wind speeds and damage across the South East and East of England.

“While we work hard to get everybody back on supply, we have decided to make goodwill payments to our customers who were worst affected by power cuts caused by Storm Eunice and have been without power for 24 hours.

“We recognise that being without power for this extended period affects your daily life so we have decided to make an extra £50 payment, earlier than payments would normally apply which would be after 48 hours.”

This means customers will be eligible to receive £50 after 24 hours without electricity, an additional £70 when you reach 48 hours and an additional £70 thereafter for every 12 hours without power.

UK Power Networks will contact everyone who is entitled to a payment by text message, email or letter in the coming days.