Warning issued after three dogs killed by ‘malicious’ poisoner in Kingsbury

Toby, centre, died, while Maisie, left, survived and Lucy, right, was unaffected as she didn't eat t

Toby, centre, died, while Maisie, left, survived and Lucy, right, was unaffected as she didn't eat the chicken - Credit: Archant

Pet owners in Kinsgbury and Wembley are being warned to be on their guard after three dogs died from eating poisoned chicken planted on the street.

Lesley Hastings of Glenwood Grove, Kingsbury, lost her six-year-old Lurcher called Toby after he ate the poultry laced with rat poison at the corner of Salmon Street and Fryent Way, last Thursday.

Her eight-year-old Jack Russell cross Maisie who ate a small amount survived and her third dog Lucy did not come into contact with the chicken so was unaffected.

Ms Hastings said: “I noticed them eating something and at first I thought it was mouldy bread but at closer inspection I realised it was cooked chicken with bright blue paste on it so I took it away.

“When I got home Maisie started convulsing so I took her to the vets, I didn’t even think about Toby. By the time I returned home he had died.

“He’s a big dog and it killed him in just 30 minutes.”

It is not known whether the person behind the poisoning, which is believed to have claimed the life of a Labrador last month and a third dog on Friday, is purposely targeting dogs or aiming to cull foxes in the area.

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Ms Hastings said: “Whatever their motive is they are a malicious person.

“They are killing dogs that are part of people’s families.

“To lose a dog like Toby like this is so sad. He was a rescue dog and I had only had him for two years.”

Ms Hastings has contacted the police and Brent Council who have posted warnings notices in the area.

“How do we know cats haven’t died too but their owners think they have just run away,” she added.

“I am livid.”

Sergeant Peter Rowntree from Brent Police said: “This is such a nasty, cruel act which has killed three beloved dogs and endangered all domestic pets and wild animals, in such close proximity to a country park.

“Family pets, wildlife and the amenities of a country park are factors that enhance the quality of people’s lives.

“This is not simple, ignorant mischief, but criminal activity and the persons found to be responsible will be prosecuted.”

Simon Osborne, chief inspector for the RSPCA, added: “We are very concerned to hear these reports. Poisoning is a cruel and inhumane way for an animal to die and one which would have caused these dogs a great deal of suffering.

“The RSPCA has offered the police any support they need in dealing with these incidents and urges anyone with any information to come forward.”

Anyone with information should call Brent Police on 020 8733 3804, 101 or Brent Council Animal Welfare on 020 8937 5256.

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