‘Wall of Shame’ denouncing Brent Council’s decision to close library pulled down

Only shell of Wembley library left following removal of its books

Hoardings dubbed The Wall of Shame which enclosed Preston Library after it closed have been pulled down.

The boards had been daubed with messages left by campaigners expressing anger at Brent Council for closing the popular reading room in Cartlon Avenue East, Wembley.

Martin Francis, blogger and campaigner, said: “The removal has revealed the empty shell of a once vibrant and welcoming building which was at the heart of the local community.

“The haste of the removal of books is evident from the mess left behind.

“It is a poignant reminder of the Brent Council’s vandalism.”

Linda Green, who has helped in the battle to save Preston Library, added: “We presume the council has removed the hoardings because it felt embarrassed by the responses to the closure that had been put up there by the local community.”

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Campaigners set up an umbrella group called Brent SOS Libraries and took their case to the Royal Courts of Justice in July.

However, High Court judge, Mr Justice Ouseley, ruled in favour of the council and six branches, including Preston, closed immediately.

The case was then brought to the Court of Appeal but once again the judges ruled in favour of the council.

Library supporters are waiting to hear if the case will be heard in the highest court in the UK – the Supreme Court. A council spokeswoman said: “Following the removal of stock, the building has been made secure which negates the need for hoardings.

“This follows the Court of Appeal ruling in favour of Brent Council implementing its libraries transformation project.

“The transformation project is delivering a seven day a week library service, greater investment in books and equipment, as well as significant cost savings.”