Vote for your favourite Chinese restaurant and you could win a trip to the Orient

Entrants entered into a draw to win flights to China

TV chef and food author, Ching-He Huang, has partnered with China’s number one exported beer, Tsingtao, and Archant London, to protect the heritage of Chinese cooking.

The team is set to reward the best authentic Chinese restaurants in the UK via the fourth annual Tsingtao Legacy of Taste competition and the winning restaurant could be on your street.

You can vote for a local restaurant you think is worthy of the title at and you’ll automatically be entered into a draw to win flights for two to China, courtesy of Cathay Pacific.

An advocate of the yin-yang philosophy of Chinese cooking and heralding the enjoyment of healthy Chinese food in the UK, Ching said: “My inspiration for cooking comes from my Taiwanese grandparents and those influences are apparent in all my cooking activities. It means a lot to me to be spearheading the Tsingtao Legacy of Taste competition, as maintaining the heritage of Chinese food is essential to ensure we enjoy it at its best.

“There is much work to be done to shift the stigma of Chinese food in the UK. True authentic Chinese cooking involves plenty of vegetables, fresh meat and fish. If prepared properly, Chinese food is highly nutritious thanks to the quick stir-frying and steaming techniques and resulting in well-balanced dishes with all the goodness and nutrients retained.

“I very much hope to be visiting a restaurant in North London as part of the finalist judging process in September.”

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Previous winning restaurants have been in Manchester, Hendon and the Pearl Liang in Paddington.

Nominate your favourite restaurant at

The Tsingtao Legacy of Taste competition aims to highlight the importance of quality and Chinese heritage in Chinese restaurants, with regards food, service, staff and surroundings. Finalist restaurants will receive an esteemed plaque to display and significant marketing exposure.

Brewed in Qingdao since 1903 using spring water from the Laoshan Mountains, Tsingtao Beer is a genuine import with a unique crisp flavour, which sits very well with all types of food.

Tsingtao is the ideal accompaniment to oriental food specifically, especially fish dishes. For further information please visit