Volunteers wanted for the Kilburn Festival

The annual knees up is looking for people to donate their time, money and talents

Organisers of the Kilburn festival are calling on residents and traders to donate their time, money and know how to help put on the popular summer show.

The annual community knees up spans several days and includes a range of music and arts events which celebrate the area’s rich cultural diversity, and culminates in a day long festival in Kilburn’s Grange Park on July 10.

Janet Grauberg, chair of Kilburn festival trustees, said that as councils and charities tighten their belts because of funding cuts, they are relying on volunteers and traders to help make this year a success.

She said: “In previous years we have got money from local businesses and charitable trusts, but they are struggling.

“That means we need to be creative and use the talents and assets of the people who live in Kilburn to make the festival happen.”

Anyone who wants to get involved should contact Janet at jgrauberg@googlemail.com