Volunteers examine Brent Police’s stop and search slips

Volunteers examined Brent Police's stop and search slips

Volunteers examined Brent Police's stop and search slips - Credit: Archant

A group of volunteers examined Brent Police’s stop and search slips during an event aiming to bridge gap between officers and the community.

The process around stop and search was also explained and demonstrated to the volunteers.

The slips are filled in by officers and detail why an individual was stopped, if anything was found during a search, and their sex and ethnicity.

Brent Police also discussed methods they have been using improve their outcome performances including the introduction of a mentoring programme for officers with performance issues.

PC Olumide Olufola from Brent Police said: “The volunteers examined stop slips and even gave suggestion as to how officers can improve. This event helps to create transparency and bridge gaps with the community. This will lead to better confidence and help improve the performance of Brent officers’ who are already amongst the best performing officers in London when it comes to outcomes from stop and search. “

The Home Office is currently carrying out a public consultation on how police use stop and search power which ends on September 24.

Visit www.gov.uk/government/organisations/home-office to take part in the consultation.