Visitor parking in Brent could be hiked by 200pc to raise £795k extra for the council

Brent Council plan to hike the price of parking for visitors

Brent Council plan to hike the price of parking for visitors - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Brent Council is planning to hike visitor daily parking charges by 200 per cent in plans that could generate an extra £795,000 a year.

Under the proposals the fee will increase from £1.50 to £4.50 a day in Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) – which cover more than half the borough.

In addition an annual visitor permit could surge from £110 to £165, a rise of 50 per cent.

The town hall is expected to rubber-stamp the plans on Monday despite admitting in a report that the changes could have a detrimental impact on those who live in CPZs, particularly the elderly and sick, who receive visitors who provide them with care.

The council report also states that levels of deprivation are relatively high in some CPZs located in Harlesden, Willesden Green and Kilburn wards which could have an ‘adverse affect’.

According to the town hall the borough charges one of the lowest rates in the capital for its visitor parking citing neighbouring Camden, which charges £6.49 per day.

Claiming the charges are being increased to stamp put commuter parking, Cllr Eleanor Southwood, Brent’s cabinet member for the environment, said: “Too many residents and their visitors are still crowded out by commuters.

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“Obviously, whilst addressing this real problem for our residents, we want to do what we can to recognise the pressures on people who have regular visitors providing them with support and informal care at home.

“That’s why we’re taking this balanced approach to pricing, whilst still cracking down on commuters using our residential streets as a giant car park.”

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