View from the House: Treatment of Windrush migrants a scandal

PUBLISHED: 08:00 28 April 2018


The Windrush generation have faced horrendous treatment by this Conservative government. Many came here as children after their parents helped rebuild the country after the war. They have lived here for decades, paid their taxes and built families.

Through no fault of their own they have now found themselves in trouble after the Conservatives, led by Theresa May as home secretary and then Prime Minister, changed immigration rules in 2014 to create a “hostile environment” – pandering to the right wing. This is frankly appalling.

It has resulted in people being threatened with deportation, losing their jobs, getting no pensions, being unable to return home after going abroad, struggling to receive hospital treatment and other serious problems. Shockingly, some may have been wrongly deported.

This has impacted people in our diverse borough of Brent, many of whom have come to me in desperate situations like this. This is a national disgrace and Theresa May was forced to apologise – but it is not enough.

They must explain how many people were wrongly deported, halt further threats of deportation and ensure these people do not need paperwork or have to pay to prove their status.

Commonwealth citizens deserve better than this callous and incompetent government. The racism my parents and others suffered when arriving in the UK is sadly being brought back because of this heartless and cruel government.

The government must now rectify their horrific errors and guarantee the Windrush generation’s right to live here once and for all.

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