View from the chamber: Boundary changes would be bad for democracy - and developers should fix roads


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Once again, politicians are changing our wards to suit themselves, not our residents.

Many have not been consulted by politicians, which is so sad as it will leave residents spread out all over Brent.

Last time they changed the boundaries, my ward was left with half a street on one side of the road.

In another road, four houses remained in my ward while the rest of the street is in Barnhill.

Kenton will now be moving into the Harrow constituency if the boundary changes go on.

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There are winners and losers. Whole communities will change. How many residents have had a say on where they would like to live?

Where will these changes take us?

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The council is, I believe, trying to take all the new streets, which would leave a one-party council, which would not be good for residents.

• Brent tends to ignore Brent North on issues such as repairing potholes and broken pavements, despite reports being made time and time again.

Some of the pavement damage is done by developers and households that are having building work done.

It was passed through council that officers would chase up any developments where the work causes pavement damage and Brent would bill the developer to repair the damage.

Why should residents have to foot the bill when they are paying such high council tax?

Enough is enough.

Let’s now put the penalties on the people who are causing damage to our pavements.

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