Video: Watch footage of moped rider being chased and caught by traders following smash-and-grab robbery in Kingsbury

A bag containing jewellery was found near the moped (Pic credit: Hannah Marshall)

A bag containing jewellery was found near the moped (Pic credit: Hannah Marshall) - Credit: Archant

A group of angry traders chasing and catching a moped rider suspected of carrying out a robbery in Kingsbury this afternoon has been captured on video.

The shocking footage also shows the man being arrested by officers after he is pulled off the bike by the furious mob following a smash-and-grab robbery on a jeweller in Kingsbury Road.

A group of six raiders wielding axes and bats smashed the stores windows before snatching thousands of pounds worth Asian gold jewellery just after 2pm.

They then jumped back on their bikes and fled the scene while the furious workers threw items at them.

The traders, believed to be from the Iraqi community, can be heard screaming and shouting before they run into the street and pull over a man riding a burgundy moped.

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A bag the rider is carrying is opened and shown to contain jewellery.

The man is arrested and taken away by two police officers.

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Detectives from the Flying Squad are leading the investigation.

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