VIDEO: Brondesbury Park bomb detonated by Royal Navy officers

Image shows the detonation of the German WWII SC 500lb bomb, at Shrewburyness Range near Southend, E

Image shows the detonation of the German WWII SC 500lb bomb, at Shrewburyness Range near Southend, Essex. After a long, cold night of expert and cautious work at the Brondesbury Park building site near Brent, rendering the fuse safe on the German WW2 SC 500lb air dropped bomb yesterday, the Armys Royal Engineers were relieved to hand over the ultimate disposal of the 500lb explosive to a four-man Royal Navy Team from the SOUTHERN DIVING UNIT (2) based in Horsea Island, Portsmouth. The Royal Navy team made a controlled demolition of the WW2 ordnance at Shrewburyness Range near Southend, Essex at 1130am on Saturday morning (4 March 17). AB (Diver) Liam Boardman initiated the demolition of the bomb, supported by the Navys team of duty Mine Clearance Divers (Photo: Royal Navy) - Credit: Royal Navy

Bomb disposal experts from the Royal Navy and British Army detonated the Second World War device discovered on a building site in The Avenue.

The 500lb air-dropped-bomb was found by builders during excavation work on the site before Army Royal Engineers were called to the scene.

Roads and schools were closed and homes evacuated over the next day and a half as the device was made safe and eventually removed to the MOD Shoeburyness Range near Southend, in Essex, over the weekend.

Petty Officer Craig Waghorn, who was part of the four-man-team overseeing the operation, said: “The Army’s Royal Engineers did a great job carrying out the dangerous job of fuse immunisation and were very happy to see us after their long day and night making the bomb safe for transportation.

“It was good to work with the Army on this joint disposal operation and we’ll be glad to get back to base after a busy week on our duty call-out.”

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