Victory as Neasden motorist’s penalty for turning right in Kensal Rise is cancelled

Barima Yeboah's penalty notice for turning right from Harvist Road to Chamberlayne Road has been can

Barima Yeboah's penalty notice for turning right from Harvist Road to Chamberlayne Road has been cancelled - Credit: Archant

A Neasden motorist accused of making an illegal right hand turn has had his penalty fine thrown out.

Barima Yeboah was bewildered to receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) after making a right hand turn from Harvist Road onto Chamberlayne Road on New Years Day.

Through two freedom of information requests he discovered that 150 motorists made the same illegal turning throughout January, raking in a possible £19,500 for Brent Council.

The 27-year old said: “It’s brilliant news for me, I’m so happy that my penalty fine has been cancelled.

“The odds were really against me but I knew I was right, the council just want people to pay, that’s what they do. They know people won’t fight it.”

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As reported in the Brent & Kilburn Times Mr Yeboah claimed when he made the turn there was no signage but when he returned on January 10 to take photographs to use in his defence appeal, the same lampost had a sign on it.

He said the sign was not visible at all at night and refused to pay the £130 fine, which is reduced to £65 if motorists pay within two weeks.

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He then sent off the two FOIs, receiving the first within a week.

The council responded that the sign was put up in June 2016 with the aim of making motorists to “comply with the rules of the road.”

Mr Yeboah said the road was one he used “all the time” and had seen other motorists make the turn.

He added: “My freedom of information requests show that a lot of people make that turn. They are not all criminals.

“Most of the time people are too scared to fight because of the money, even if they feel they are right.

A Council spokeswoman said: “The PCN was cancelled due to an administrative error. The assertion by the motorist in his appeal that there is an issue with signage is not accepted. The council believes that the signage is sufficiently clear.

“The number of fines issued in August 2016, shortly after the camera was installed, was 281. The number of fines issued in January 2018 was 150, which indicates that the number of drivers turning right into Harvist Road has almost halved since the Council began camera enforcement at this junction.”

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