Traveller community moves from Brondesbury Park to Stonebridge

A traveller community has taken over 5-7 The Avenue, due for redevelopment by Regal Homes (Pic: Rob

A traveller community has taken over 5-7 The Avenue, due for redevelopment by Regal Homes (Pic: Robin Mills) - Credit: Archant

Travellers who took over a development site in Brondesbury Park have moved off and are thought to have driven to Stonebridge.

A travelling community moved into 5-7 The Avenue in the early hours of Monday morning, evicting security guards put in place by developers Regal Homes.

Police investigated reports that an axe and a gun were found at the site.

The group including children, are travelling in more than a half a dozen caravans and are believed to have moved to some disused offices on the Harrow Road near the North Circular.

Robin Mills, who saw them arrive, saw them leave late on Tuesday afternoon. He said: “Mass exodus of travellers took place this afternoon and site looks empty now with Regal Homes staff taking back control of the site who still have their security with dogs on site.”

The buildings on The Avenue are due to be demolished by Regal Homes this week and replaced with residential units.

As part of the deal, given the green light by Brent Council in May, the property company will redevelop the Manor School which will cater for special needs pupils.

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Paul Eden, CEO of Regal Homes, said: “They have gone and they will not be coming back.

“We were meant to be starting work on Monday morning and as a responsible developer had two security guards in place, who the travellers threatened to kill.

“It hasn’t set back the project, we lost two days but we will get them back.

“We have people on site ready to start. At all times we deal in a professional manner as a responsible developer.”

A spokesman for Brent Council said: “A Veolia clean up crew were sent to Brondesbury Park today. It’s our understanding from the police that the travellers have moved to some disused offices near the North Circular in Stonebridge.”

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