Bus strikes called off after 'resolution' reached

A London bus to Trafalgar Square

Bus strikes in London that could have impacted more than 100 routes have been called off. - Credit: Martin49

A planned bus driver strike, which could have impacted more than 100 routes, has been called off.
Metroline and Unite the Union have now ‘reached a resolution’ which means action tomorrow and Wednesday will no longer go ahead. A 72-hour strike from June 7-9 has also been cancelled. 
The strike had been called to protest Metroline’s system of ‘remote signing on’, which could see drivers start and finish their shifts in various locations on a route - but only get paid for their time on a bus. 

Many bus drivers had opposed the idea, which they said would result in more time travelling and less time off work. 

One said last week: “All of these changes are really sad, it feels like we’re being exploited after a really hard year. I can’t see myself staying in this industry for much longer.”

Metroline had criticised the planned strike, saying it had already halted the rollout at the point when the strike was still going ahead. 

Neither party has released any detail about the resolution.