Parents lobby for improved road safety on Harrow Road 

Harrow Road

A junction on Harrow Road which Kenmont Primary School parents say is dangerous. - Credit: Emily Britt

A group of primary school parents have kick-started a campaign to improve road safety for pedestrians on Harrow Road.

The parents from Kenmont Primary School say both the Wrottesley Road and Scrubs Lane junctions on Harrow Road are dangerous because of faulty pedestrian lights, insufficient signage and damaged crash barriers. 

Harrow Road rail

Parents from Kenmont Primary School are worried about damaged crash barriers. - Credit: Emily Britt

Campaign spokesperson Emily Britt said: “It’s a nightmare - you can’t get small children across the road and it’s even worse if you’re with a toddler. 

“How can I do this walk every day? It makes me so anxious.”

Cllr Jumbo Chan, of Kensal Green ward, is supporting the campaign with a formal written enquiry and by raising the issue with the lead member for environment at Brent Council, Cllr Krupa Seth. 

However, Emily said in order to get a council debate, the group needs 200 signatures on their petition. 

Emily also added that achieving the group's aims is complicated because the campaign wants action from both Brent Council and Transport for London (TfL).

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Brent Council released a statement for this paper: “The council is committed to improving road safety and encouraging walking and cycling to schools. 

“We were not made aware of the recent campaign by parents to improve pedestrian crossings on the Harrow Road NW10; and will consider the improvements requested by parents, some of which indicate that maintenance is required.

“We would welcome a meeting with Kenmont school, campaigning parents, Hammersmith and Fulham (where the school is situated), and TfL to discuss their concerns.

“TfL is responsible for the management and maintenance of traffic signals across London, including traffic signal timings.”

Nick Owen, TfL’s head of network performance, said: "We're determined to keep people walking in London safe and we always take the needs of pedestrians into account when deciding on the timing of signals at junctions. 

“We regularly review these timings, as well as keeping the lights themselves well maintained, to ensure they are keeping people safe and keeping traffic moving. 

“We are more than happy to work with Brent Council to discuss any specific concerns about signal timings with local residents."