The Mayor’s Office has said it is considering increasing the age of eligibility for Transport for London's (TfL) 60-plus photo card as it looks to meet conditions set by the government in a recent deal.

TfL and the government locked horns earlier this year over long-term funding arrangements.

A £1.2 billion deal was eventually struck in August, although mayor of London Sadiq Khan warned TfL still had a £740 million gap in its budget, with fare increases and service cuts to be reviewed.

One of the potential modifications aired by the mayor was to gradually increase the age at which people could qualify for the 60-plus concession.

Now, a spokesperson for the Mayor’s Office has confirmed the proposal is being considered.

They said despite the impacts of the pandemic and the conditions set by the government’s emergency funding deals, free or discounted travel for under 18s and those with 60-plus Oyster or Freedom Pass cards had previously been saved.

However, they said the mayor has now been “forced” to consider increasing the age of eligibility on a phased basis, excluding those on low incomes.

No final decision has been made, they added, with any change supported by consultation with key stakeholders and an Equality Impact Assessment.