Traders fear cost of damage from Kilburn High Road flood

Businesses in Kilburn High Road have been hit with thousands of pounds worth of damage following the burst water main which flooded large parts of the area.

Traders up and down the High Road have been left to mop up the mess after the pipe burst in Christchurch Avenue at around 5.30am this morning.

Worst hit appeared to be the Sir Colin Campbell pub, which had its cellar flooded, ruining ‘possibly thousands of pounds’ of stock.

Mary Forde, landlady, said: “The water was just everywhere. We only had the floors done here a little while ago and this may have ruined them.

“The cellar was the worst hit though and we could not go down as it was too dangerous.

“We had to switch all the electric off as we have two coolers and an ice machine down there. This could cost us thousands.”

Ms Forde said it was not the first time there have been problems with the water pipes in the High Road.

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“There are leaks all the time in this road. We have never had it on this scale, but there seems to be leaks quite regularly.”

Property maintenance group Al Qahtani, was also badly hit by the flooding with up to two inches pouring into the store.

John Baron, a worker at Al Qahtani, said: “There was mud and water everywhere. It got all the way in and has totally ruined the floor and I think at least two computers.

“It was at least two inches deep inside here and I reckon it must be at the very least a couple of thousands pounds worth of damage.

“I could not believe it when I got down here. There were people swimming in it up the top of the road and I saw one man in nothing but his pants and an umbrella belting out ‘Singing in the Rain’.”

Eddie Polat, a worker at Where 2 Save, said: “I had to park about half a mile away and then got soaked making my way to work.

“When I got here the water was getting closer and closer to the shop so about 5 of us just started fighting the water away with brooms. We must have been doing this for more than an hour.”