TRADER Wembley is 'a platform for small businesses to flourish'

Inside TRADER Wembley on Ealing Road in Wembley

Inside TRADER Wembley on Ealing Road - Credit: TRADER WEMBLEY

An innovative approach to bringing communities closer together through trade and creative talents is starting up in Wembley as the role and character of the traditional high street changes. 

TRADER Wembley in Ealing Road is the brainchild of Rhisha and Sunil Patel. Rhisha's family first came to the UK 40 years ago.

She is aiming to create a legacy that will grow and evolve as more independent traders become involved and take up spaces there. 

From social events and family activities to craft shops and restaurants, TRADER Wembley is a platform for small businesses from the surrounding communities to flourish. 

The idea to build a venue for the community in and around Wembley has developed into a vision for local entrepreneurs at a grassroots level - a venue for talent, and growing future-proof businesses in Wembley. 

“Just as my father helped many of his fellow countrymen start their lives in this country, I am aiming to create a lasting legacy to ensure that the creative talents of our community have a platform to get established and evolve, starting now and continuing into the future. 

The entrance to TRADER Wembley on Ealing Road 

The entrance to TRADER Wembley on Ealing Road - Credit: TRADER WEMBLEY

“Maybe it’s someone’s lifelong dream to run their own business but they don’t have the platform to take that first step, or you’re already trading and want to expand - we are here to help and provide a nurturing environment for businesses to fulfil their potential,” says Rhisha. 

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Of course there is still a place for the traditional high street, but provision can be enhanced so there is something for everyone in the neighbourhood.  

Ealing Road may be one of these traditional high streets, but TRADER Wembley brings that extra dimension which will appeal to all generations, and the two can benefit each other. 

For example, if some members of the family want to go clothes shopping in Ealing Road, instead of having to wait outside the shop while they browse and buy, others can go and socialise, for example watching sport on the big screen in the venue. 

The complex has been three years in the making, and is now ready to welcome independent brands, small businesses who are looking to increase their presence beyond their front room or home office, for example. 

“We have been so focused on getting it built, and now it’s built, it’s so important we let people know what TRADER Wembley is all about,” says Rhisha. 

Inside TRADER Wembley on Ealing Road 

Inside TRADER Wembley on Ealing Road - Credit: TRADER WEMBLEY

“I have lived and breathed Wembley all my life, understand the people and the independent brands. 

The story behind the traders. What are their hopes and dreams, what can they bring to the table. 

“It’s inspiring and motivating to bring businesses together, so they can improve alongside each other and feel like they are really part of the community.

"There are so many groups from Wembley from an amazing range of cultures, this vibrancy is something we can tap into which would really benefit the community. 

“These independent brands are so good at what they do, and bringing so much quality together in one space is such a positive move.” 

Another focus of the initiative is digital presence. The importance of a website, email, social media tags and so on are key in modern business life, says Rhisha.

And, at TRADER Wembley, they are more than happy to help traders build this presence to help their businesses keep up to date, innovative and in contact with their customers. 

TRADER Wembley’s ethos is: 

Collaboration: An elevating platform for our traders.

Community: A democratically designed space for all.

Authenticity: Being true to Wembley and our vision at all times.

TRADER Wembley Big Weekender 

TRADER Wembley is hosting a Big Weekender on April 29 to May 1, which includes A Night with Samit Patel, live music and comedy. 

To book tickets for these events, and to find out more about the venue as a place to grow your small, independent business,  

Visit the website, where you can see a floorplan and complete a Become a Trader form.